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We are professionals in the global recruitment of Engineers. From our offices in Spain, Holland and Norway we mediate Engineering professionals using our own unique innovative and creative approach.

Our motto is 'Quantity leads to Quality'. For this we effectively utilize extensive the social and professional media along with our existing contacts. We make intensive use of social media networks like LinkedIN, Twitter and Facebook. The use of technology and our strong networks combined with our extensive experience in recruitment, assessment and selection leads to sustainable and long term client and candidate relationship, ultimately creating the most value for the people we work with.

Experience shows that for opportunities within our focus, by using social media networks will produce the best results which is essential in recruiting the appropriate professionals for your organisation. Our focus is about finding the right people from the market and ultimately the right fit for your needs both technically and culturally, not just a the right resume. Our online headhunting method leads to minimal overheads, which is directly visible in our fee.

How many companies are thinking in terms of recruitment longer than three months ahead? Not many. But for example in the Netherlands in healthcare, IT and technology, there is already a shortage of (highly qualified) personnel. And the future does not looks bright for these sectors. On the contrary.

Everyone wants the best employees, and if you can not find in them in your country why would you not hire professionals from abroad. You often hear that organizations want their employees to speak their native language. It is a requirement that you still can get away with but not for much longer. A Dutch company who looks for a Dutch java developer is like asking for an ice cream in the desert. They are simply not available.

TechUnited has no restrictions in terms of countries in which we operate. We have multiple successful international recruitment projects behind our name. We understand the professional networks and approaches needed to operate across the global professional environment and have experience in working across multiple borders.

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